Arsene Wegner worries about henrikh Mkhitaryan

“Arsenal” Chief Coach Arsene Wenger said after the match with “Manchester United” that three players were questioned for the match against “Atlético”.

“I replaced Mkhitaryan because he got hit again on his damaged knee. Ospina has a problem with lobe, and Ivobia has a problem with the back muscle of the hip. We are now following their recovery process as the next game will take place very soon, on Thursday.”


Arsene Wegner does not exclude that one of these three players can miss the match with “Atletico”. However, according to the media,  henrikh Mkhitaryan since he has just recovered from the injury, besides, he has shown a good game at the meeting with “Manchester United”, becoming the only goal scorer of his team.

“Arsenal” will play a semi-final match against “Atlético” on May 4 in Madrid.