Garegin Chukaszyan appears

President of the Founding Parliament Garegin Chukaszyan has appeared. Yesterday he took part in the rally organized at Republic Square.

“The client and the pursuer of this case, including the case of the “Sasna Tsrer”, has left the country,” Levon Chukaszyan, his brother, commented on his appearance.

Garegin Chukaszyan does not want to meet with mass media yet. Garegin Chukaszyan, who was charged under organizing mass riots in Yerevan on April 24 2015, does not worry that he may be subject to criminal liability.

“He did nothing to be afraid of. The arbitrariness that comes from the power occupied should be removed with the removal of that person, and all political prisoners must be released,”Levon Chukaszyan said.

Besides Garegin Chukaszyan, Pavel Manukyan, Gevorg Safaryan, Zhirayr Sefilyan and Varuzhan Avetisan were also charged under the same article.

Zhirayr Sefilyan and Gevorg Safaryan are already convicted under that article, and the case against Pavel Manukyan and Varujan Avetisyan is still in court. It was linked to the case of the “Sasna Tsrer”.