Call for Diaspora


Dear Diaspora Compatriots,

Today, the future of our people is being determined in the capital Yerevan and other cities and villages of Armenia.
Under the steps taken by the people and especially the youth, the corrupted authorities and cut off from the people, are horrified and are hiding behind the police billboards and barbed wires.

This struggle is a just, liberating peace struggle for the violated rights of our people.

It is time for us to support our fledgling people by uniting all the means that are common in the Diaspora.

Only one step left to the victory of the people, that is the space between the police and the people who are protesting, which should be eliminated with brotherly hugs and victorious applauses.

We ask all our compatriots in the Diaspora, especially those who have relatives and friends who are police officers, or relatives working in state departments, we urge you to contact them and encourage them to join the people.

Call everyone to follow the protest leadership’s calls and admonitions. Encourage the strikes, to create new waves of struggle everywhere.

We propose to create striking diverse funds and supporting committees  in Diaspora in order to cover the material damages of the strikers.

Assembly of Armenians of Europe

April 20, 2018

Uppsala, Sweden