LIVE. Day 7: Protesters listening to System of a Down under umbrellas  (video)

19.00 It is raining in Yerevan. Protesters are listening to System of a Down under the umbrellas 

After sometime, today’s rally will be held in the Republic Square.

Until then, Nikol Pashinyan noted that tomorrow will continue the actions about which he does not give details.

18.28 Actor Sergey Danielyanis among the demonstrators 

Actor Sergey Danielyan came to support Nikol Pashinyan in Republic Square. He, responding to the question, stated that he had seen grounds for velvet revolution for a long time and that is why he accepted the option of peaceful rebellion.

18.00 The rally participants in the Republic Square are increasing, among them there are also children. “Fight till end,” words came out from the children’s lips. Nikol Pashinyan tells the police that the presence of children is another proof that demonstrations are peaceful.

Nikol Pashinyan informed the participants of the rally that Serzh Sargsyan stated at the government sitting that he gave up his gifted property.

A car rally is being held in Republic Square. Drivers give signal by Nikol Pashinyan’s warning.

The MP said that 95% of the passing cars are “giving signal.”

17.38 The demonstrators moved to Republic Square. There are a large number of policemen along the street, the protesters are encouraging them to join.

The police are now adding extra forces to the government building. It should be reminded that at the moment the government is holding a session headed by Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan.

It is already the third raw of the police, they are armed with shields and helmets. Police officers are coordinated by Deputy Chief of Police Levon Yeranosyan.