Levon Galstyan: A completely failed policy that needs major changes

The “Armenian Environmental Front” warns that failed policy in the field of environmental protection is being pursued already for 20 years. They are holding a protest action in front of the Ministry of Nature Protection today within the framework of protests in the country, voicing environmental concerns.

“A completely failed policy that needs major changes. And the most serious change today is possible only by the change of management and decision-makers since experience shows that they are unable to provide approaches that take into account the interests of nature and make serious decisions,” said Levon Galstyan, a member of the “Armenian Environmental Front Civil Initiative”.

According to him, the Government kept silent about the shameful exploitation of the mines and their increase, and did not take responsibility for the situation.


“How was it that after 3 years, when they promised golden mountains to everyone, suddenly the Teghut mine was subject to environmental collapse, and no one was responsible for it? All these questions have accumulated so much that these people just have to realize that they are unable to govern properly. In the framework of all these processes we also raise our concerns in the ecological sphere. It’s about the process of making a decision by the citizen of Armenia, which has begun and will bring its victorious end. ”

Levon Galstyan insisted that the people should understand that citizens of Armenia took back the leverage belonging to them.

“We would advise our policemen to understand that the RPA is not eternal and one day they will leave. They will remain face to face with their people and they will have to have the ethical base to sincerely look into people’s eyes.”

Human rights activist, Sophia Manukyan, believed the semi-educated people’s power was unacceptable.

“The matter is about a group that has captured the power and destroys nature, our present and future, and this is unacceptable. We have a real water problem, but small hydropower plants are not reduced as a result of management flaws. At the same time, the mountains from which rivers are flowing to reservoirs and from the reservoirs to Sevan, are being devastated, that is, the total failure of management. Things which could prevent it are not done. They still want to exploit Amulsar, so that the water resources become worse. That is, don’t they want Jermuk to exist anymore?” said Sofya Manukyan.

It should be reminded that before this, environmentalists have repeatedly warned about the damage to mine exploitation. Exploitation of Amoulsar mine, which has caused environmental complaints and concerns, is also scheduled to begin in mid-2018 for the initial 10 years.