Parliament elects Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister (video)

12.42 During his speech at the NA special session today in the discussion of the issue of Serzh Sargsyan being election as Prime Minister, he first thanked the ruling coalition for nominating his candidacy. He also mentioned thatit was the first time that Armenia elected Prime Minister, so, it had no objective experience. “I have never run away from my personal responsibility.

Didn’t I predict this day when I said that I did not claim for the post of Prime Minister? I will not talk about the political substance of my statement now. Here is standing neither an individual politician, nor the third President of Armenia, but the speaker of the RPA, which members are the majority of the Parliament.

I really have parliamentary support and I am ready to serve for the country’s development. I will not submit program details.”

12.07 Special session of the National Assembly kicked off. Parliament discusses Serzh Sargsyan’s election as Prime Minister. Serzh Sargsyan is in the session hall. Ninety MPs have registered, there is quorum. The NA Speaker Ara Babloyan announced that the session will continue before the exhaustion of the agenda and only with a half hour interval. Head of the RPA faction Vahram Baghdasaryan began presenting the achievements of Serzh Sargsyan during his tenure. Only Artak Zeynalyan is present from the Yelk faction.