Avetik Ishkhanyan: The police has an order to threaten the people (video)

What happened in Baghramyan Avenue was disproportionate to peaceful demonstrators. Human rights activist Avetik Ishkhanyan considered police actions unnecessary. According to him, the “My Step” movement has adopted a principle, that is, not տօ respond with force.

“Everything fits within civil disobedience, without the use of force. Even the entrance to the radio station was not violent. The police has an order to threaten the people. ”

The human rights defender gives examples of classical civil disobedience where the principle is a peaceful gathering.

“One was the Gandhi movement, the other, the Polish Solidarity Movement, which did not use force against a rigid communist regime. Now this one has something like that, not to use force. ”


But even during peaceful assemblies you have to limit others’ rights.

“But which is more prevalent, limiting the rights of other people or raising the voice of protest? Of course, raising the voice of protest, this is an international norm. ”

A special group of advocates has been established these days, and hot line numbers are also working.

“There are no detainees at this moment; taking into account the previous experience, such a group was created.”

The human rights defender also gives practical advice to the citizens who will be brought to trial.

“Do not give any testimony, demand a lawyer. The most important principle is to keep silent. “