Nikol Pashinyan soon to join protesters (video)

17.17.  Nikol Pashinyan talked to reporters at Nairi Medical Center. He clarified that his hands were injured while crossing the barbed wire, and the injury he received during a projectile blast. He wished health to all the wounded and was surprised to hear that the police again used a grenade, without hesitation. On March 1, policeman Hamlet Kirakosyan was most likely injured when such a grenade was thrown. Touching upon the wounded policemen, he mentioned that they had been wounded due to the sound grenade they used.

Pashinyan mentioned that though his clothes were torn, he would come out of the hospital and join the demonstrators, where he would deliver a speech. “I learned that the police did not succeed in dispersing demonstrators. I urge all citizens to flood the streets and express their will against Serzh Sargsyan and the RPA,” he mentioned.

The MP thanked “Nairi” Medical Center for organizing medical aid quickly. He called the police to open the road to his workplace.



The NA MP Nikol Pashinyan got an injury. At the moment he is getting medical aid, director of Nairi Medical Center Anatoly Gnuni told reporters.

He also informed that three policemen were taken to the hospital. One of them is in serious condition and is being operated on. Journalists are currently waiting for permission to visit Nikol Pashinyan.