Rally kicks off at French Square (video)

15.11 The head of the Yelk faction Nikol Pashinyan made a speech. He thanked the citizens who went out to the streets and took their right, victory, and homeland. “And so, make a step and deny Serzh,” he shouted. He was surprised to find that his daily place of work was near to him. “The way to my work is closed to me, dear people. You are my employer. We, NA deputies, will accompany you with our work. We remind you that the police officers who are standing there are our brothers. Greet our policemen with fierce applause. This is a political struggle of open hands. In our hands there are no sticks, no stone, no hatred, aggression. In our hands there is only love, respect, hope. We have not applied violence against any police officer, and we will not do that. ” Pashinyan said that today he apologized to all the policemen and their family members because they had to work more and did not go home because of their action. “But I assure you that what we do, we do for the sake of their children. If anybody throws anything on the police, neutralize him, he is not one of us, he is provocative,” he warned.

“You are people who refuse to bow down and refuse to surrender. We have to solve this issue and live in Armenia freely,” said Ararat Mirzoyan, member of the Yelk faction.

Arayik Harutyunyan, member of the Civil Contract party, also delivered a speech. He welcomed the students’ move and called on to remove people like Karen Avagyan from youth councils of the universities.

“A few days ago, when we had a symbolic visit to YSU when the Vice-Rector said,  are you a university lecturer, why do you want to enter University? I said, “Hold back such people like Alik Gharibyan, hold back those who control students, otherwise our answers will be like this. It is no longer possible to suppress these students. Do not be afraid,” he announced.