Nikol Pashinyan: Go home where your children are waiting for you (video)

“The only success registered is becoming a policemen,” Levon Barseghyan

“I am going to prevent Serzhik Sargsyan to become prime minister,” said Levon Barseghyan, head of Gyumri’s Asparez club, who was on Baghramyan Avenue, in a conversation with “A1 +”. He does not remember such a movement, such as civil disobedience, in the past.

Mr. Barseghyan did not notice aggression from the police. “When the students joined this wing, they brought additional policemen from Zarubyan Street. Perhaps we have 25 police officers here, about 50-60 people. This is only 1500 people counted in this section,” he said. Our interlocutor hoped that the police would not even resort to aggression. According to him, anyone who analyzed the past 10 years of his family would see that the only success he had had was becoming a policemen. “All of them are under the loans and debts, they are emigrants. Serzh Sargsyan is increasing the number of police officers every year. And then how will their police officers depend on their conscience and the conscience of their orders,” he said.

The police block Baghramyan Avenue.

The participants of the action are standing at Baghramyan Avenue in front of the policemen.

It is called for not to resort to any provocation and be quiet.

“Free, Calm Armenia”, “Struggling, struggling student”, “Struggle, fight until the end” are repeatedly heard.

Sasun Mikayelyan has stood between protesters and policemen. The Deputy Chief of Police Valeri Osipyan is next to him.

It’s a casual situation.

Participants of the action are moving from the Haghtanak bridge to Mashtots Avenue, shouting “Join”, “Make a Step, refuse Serzh” and rhythmic applause. Policemen accompany the walkers without the hindrance of their free movement.

The demonstrators are on Paronyan Street. For a moment, the traffic was blocked, but it quickly recovered.

The number of police officers has increased, and they walk in front of the demonstrators.

The police blocked the street at Paronyan-Leo crossroad. The demonstrators took the road to Leo street.

Nikol Pashinyan apologized with the loudspeaker, urging the police to go home where their children were waiting for them.