Nikol Pashinyan: I will be arrested when a citizen of Armenia does not want to win (video)

Pashinyan suggested to go and to weaken the wheels of the evacuator.

The action participants reached the Victory Bridge. They are sitting on the ground and negotiating with the police. The police insist on opening the bridge.
According to the information, the evacuator was brought here and is going to take the parked cars. As soon as Pashinyan approached, the evacuator went to Hrazdan gorge. Pashinyan offered to go and weaken the wheels.

The action participants called for a strike in the Pedagogical University.

The doors of the high school of the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction were opened when Nikol Pashinyan approached the school. The action participants called on schoolmates to join them.

At present, Pashinyan is in the building of the Armenian State Pedagogical University. The action participants call for a strike.

According to Pashinyan, all the higher educational institutions should be self-governed. “If Galust Sahakyan is the president of this university council and has the right to come here, I also have the right to enter the university.” He expressed his satisfaction that the university doors did not close and allowed them to enter.

“They will arrest me when a citizen of Armenia does not want to win”

Nikol Pashinyan headed toward Khanjyan Street from Sakharov Square. Nikol Pashinyan suggested a little rest, sitting along the road. Pashinyan offered to render assistance, including financial aid, to the person, who was injured in the incident on the Heratsi Street a short while ago.

“As a result of our actions policemen have not suffered, our problem is political and no more. We do not want to threaten anyone, we must reach victory by peaceful means,” Pashinyan said.

“Let them arrest me, how can they? I will be arrested when a citizen of Armenia does not want to win. If the NA session is postponed or moved, we must take Yerevan completely under our control,” said Pashinyan.

Now the protesters are in Khanjyan Street.