The woman who saw a terrible war applies to ordinary citizens for help (video)

Syrian-Armenian Yeranuhi Stepanyan did not think that escaping from the war to Armenia she would find herself in a worse situation. Her spinal cord has almost made her disabled.

Yeranuhi Stepanyan’s house was completely destroyed by the bombing in Aleppo. Three years ago she was able to reach Armenia with her three small children. Her husband was later able to leave Aleppo. Now a 48-year-old Yerhanuhi should be operated on immediately.

“Few people say advise me to go abroad, others cannot afford it, I beg you to operate on my spinal cord, they say, in case of the operation you will either be cured or will stay paralyzed. I cannot afford to leave for Germany. I cannot sit, cannot walk,” Yeranuhi said. 

Yeranuhi Stepanyan has applied to many officials asking for money for her operation.

Her husband works in a shop, her children are juvenile. Her eldest son works as a labourer after school to help his parents.

“I am willing to return to my city during this war; everyone – Christian Arabs and Armenians- will help me. But they say it is not possible us to send you to Aleppo. Go and earn your money on your own. If I were able to I would never ask anyone,” Yeranuhi Stepanyan said.

The woman who saw a terrible war applies to ordinary citizens for help.