Individuality is given to person from above – Tamara Gverdtsiteli (video)

Singer, pianist, actress, songwriter Tamara Gverdtsiteli will perform today in Yerevan, which is a great responsibility, according to her, since Yerevan is a city with a great music culture.

She recalled the meetings that played a crucial role in her creative life. She recalled that in the 1970s, Rafael Ghazaryan accepted her to the Children’s Ensemble “Mziuri” as a soloist.

The meeting with Michel Legrand, at the invitation of which she left for Paris and had her  first solo concert at the Olympia Concert Hall, the singer considered a great gift of fate. After the concert, Legrand turned to the hall and said, “Paris, remember this name.” “I will never forget how we used to play on two royals with Legrand his compositions and Bach during the attempts.”

Tamara Gverdtsiteli is considered one of the best performers of Arno Babajanyan’s songs. “I am happy,” the singer says, “that I have communicated with this man with space talent. Imagine, I was an 18-year-old girl when I first time saw him during the attempts and heard the “Nocturne”, his magnificent performance.

For the actor, perhaps the most important thing is to individuality. And this is given to person from above,” says Tamara Gverdtsiteli.