LIVE. Discussion on poverty, emigration and external debt (video)

Serzh Sargsyan did not give Armenia anything, Armenia is a country that has quitted international circulation, former President of the Central Bank of Armenia Bagrat Yesayan told journalists today.

“In the case of these political shifts, this group, I do not call them power as it will be too much for them, will try to reassess and think on how to lead the country to better future. The way taken by them leads to decay.”

Bagrat Yesayan pointed out two positive factors: the growth of export volumes, diversification of the economy. The last positive placement was the ratification of the Armenia-EU agreement.

“The reality is unsatisfactory, and the government has exhausted itself, it is necessary to step back, it is not a way for Armenia.”

“The global crisis has passed but the internal crisis continues. There is fear in people to say the truth until the end of the day, because the responsible people who have failed in some spheres will come out,” Dr. Tatul Manaseryan, Head of the Alternative Analytical Centre, said.

“The unemployment rate in 2016, according to official data, is 18.1 per cent, and in 2017 it has dropped by 0.3 per cent. By 2017, the population has dropped by 1,300, besides 37,000 have emigrated; and you will see that instead of jobs being created they have been reduced.”