Mikhail Voskresensky: The guarantee of a real, creative, beautiful and happy society is the country’s culture (video)

Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Mikhail Voskresensky is for the first time in Gyumri. Enjoyed by the architecture of the old buildings and the unique atmosphere of the city. “During the Soviet years, I used to have many concerts in Yerevan. Moreover, conductor Gevorg Budaghyan is my uncle’s relative. I have many Armenian friends both here and in Moscow. ”

The name of the contest-festival held in Gyumri “Revival”  he considers very symbolic. “In every country, probably, there should be such a festival,” said Voskresensky. “The revival of culture is the most important event for every country. The future of the country depends not on the number of tanks and houses built, but on the development of culture. The guarantee of a real, creative, beautiful and happy society is the country’s culture. ”


The well-known jazz man Sergey Manukyan participated in the concert with the participation of Armenian performers living outside of Armenia organized in Gyumri fifteen years ago. After that he has visited and participated in the “Revival” festival several times and has a clear approach. According to him, “Revival” is a great desire of the people of this small town to prove to the world that the city lives and develops. The desire to host people from different countries of the world and surprise them, showing that despite the difficulties, this city has its place in the great world as an interesting and unique cultural center.

“As for the children participating in the festival, let’s say that today is a century of rapid information, but in this huge field there is a danger of missing something. This festival is a good opportunity to discover such talented children. I’ll tell you what my dad used to say when seeing talented kids; one is confident, knowing whom to leave this life. Armenians by their nature are full of jazz. It’s enough to see how they drive,” jazz-man said jokingly. “Armenians are the people who love to improvise.”

This year, 3100 participants from 37 countries have applied for the tenth anniversary Revival Competition-Festival. The members of the jury are rectors of renowned universities, professors and individual performers who have great reputation in the world and will also hold master classes.