If chocolate does not melt, then it is not real chocolate

Finding high quality chocolate is very difficult these days: powder is used instead of high value cocoa oil. The high value cocoa oil is replaced by vegetable oil with much lower quality and cheap prices, also with palm tree oil.

According to food rights expert David Pipoyan, it is not necessary to burn the chocolate in order to distinguish whether the chocolate bar is real or not, as it has been spread on the Internet in recent days, but it should be melted.

“As the cocoa oil has a very low melting temperature of 30 degrees. But vegetable oil, palm oil–40 degrees. The chocolate bar must be kept in the palm of your hand. If it melts and hangs on your fingers, we deal with cocoa, but if it is not burned after handling, it naturally means that it contains not cocoa but palm oil, “says David Pipoyan

In his words, high-quality chocolate should be made of the crusts. He advised to break one piece of chocolate and throw it in milk. The high quality chocolate bar should be sinked immediately on the floor, and the low quality can be swam.

The other version of checking is placing the chocolate in the freezer compartment. If it is made by cocoa oil, it should become white, and if is made by the vegetable oil, the color of the chocolate will remain unchanged.

Today Davit Pipoyan also touched upon another problem: 130 Azerbaijani products were recognized as harmful to human health in Azerbaijan. According to the food rights expert, these products include chocolate, vegetable oils, teas, non-alcoholic products, as well as nutritional supplements.

He is convinced that we do not seem to have a Turkophobia, we are not also afraid of Turkish food. Lemons, dried fruits are circulated in our country, we have to be vigilant.