Waiting for second Parajanov (video)

Armenian cinema needs a new wave of young directors.

“That’s why we should have a good environment, right law for film, right scheme to support young people,” says Susanna Harutyunyan, director of the Voske Tsiran (Golden Apricot) International Film Festival.In her opinion, authorial films will help preserve the best traditions of Armenian cinematography.

But the image is different. In recent years, people have visited mainly commercial films of local production.

People like what has low-quality, people are more interested in not funny comedies, so it does not make sense to shoot some serious movie,” says young photographer Azat Margaryanon,

Azat is a huge fan of the Soviet-era Armenian cinema, he recently watched again “The Tango of Our Childhood” movie.  In his opinion, the people has no interests in authorial movies, but we does not get disappointed.

“Not now, but I hope that about five or six years, current students will be able to improve our movie industry.”

In response to our question whether there will be e a second Parajanov in the future, Azat’s respond was negative.

Susanna Harutyunyan has another opinion.

“Hope so, if the first one happened, the second would be, but that wave would come to it.”