Firdous, Khanjian and Tchaikovsky residents to receive notifications on alienation of property (video)

Today the Government approved the draft law “On recognizing the exclusive public interest in the 33rd district of Yerevan”. In other words, some residents of the Republic, living in Firdus, Khanjian and Tchaikovsky streets, as well as Tigran Mets avenue will receive notifications on the alienation of their property.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard of the Government building, former residents of the center of Yerevan were protesting.

Yerevan residents deprived of their homes were not the only protesters. Mothers who lost their sons demanded to reveal the killings of their sons who died in peaceful conditions of the army.

“My boy was choked, then hanged, but the official version claimed suicide, there were plenty of traces on the boy’s body, there was a chair at the scene where as if my son was standing, but where was the chair if my boy was standing on his feet and the leg was folded?”said Valery Muradyan’s mother Nana Muradyan.

The protesters remained close to the Government building before the end of the session, but officials ignored them.