Karen Karapetyan ready to run Prime Minister’s office (video)

During the National Assembly question-and-answer session, the member of the Yelk faction Edmon Marukyan asked a question to the Prime Minister, reminding him of his statement made during his visit to Lebanon. “You have declared that we will have a developing and just country and have called on businessmen to come to Armenia and make investments.”

The Prime Minister particularly mentioned that there were two types of messages from Armenia. One was that we had everything we needed,so you should just come and invest and the other was that everythingwas bad. “I know a case when one wants to apply to ateh international court to “betray” the investor in Armenia.


Marukyan’s other question concerned his position. “You have said in a timely fashion that you are ready to work as prime minister, and now its seems that you will become the first deputy prime minister. Will the business environment stabilize in that case. ”

“Yes, I have said that, but there is still no discussion on that issue.”