Gevorg Kostanyan: “Absolutely necessary” did not refer to deaths (video)

Today the HHK (RPA) MP, former Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan, referring to the debate with the Yelk (Way Out) faction, according to which it was mentioned in the decision of the European Court that it was necessary for the police to use weapons on March 1, said to reporters

“It was the question of the European Court: whether using weapons by the police was absolutely necessary. The question or such an announcement was not made by the RA government. Why is the expression absolutely necessary written in commas? It is because of the rule of the Convention: the use of forse or weapons by a government agaisnt its citizens must be proportionate, legitimate and absolutely necessary. “Absolutely necessary” means whether the police had no other choice and that is why they used force. “Absolutely necessary” is the formula which is used by the European Court on the use of force. So, the question’s meaning is the following: whether the force used by the police on March 1 was absolutely necessary. “Absolutely necessary” coannot refer to death. Applying to the RA government, the European Court asked to separately specify for each death, what had happened and what was happening.  In its 55-page objection, the Government touched upon all the deaths separately.The government also substantiated that the force used by the police was absolutely necessary, that is, the force that the police used in the morning of March 1, yes, was absolutely necessary. Why? It aimed at protecting public and constitutional order. As a result of this, the Government finds and states that the use of force by the police was “absolutely necessary” and there was no violation of Article 2 on human rights from this point of view.”

Then he mentioned that the RA government submitted everything what the European Court wanted, including videos.