People on Zhirayr Sefilyan’s imprisonment (video)

There was no fair trial on the case of commander of the Shushi battalion Zhirayr Sefilyan. Otherwise, according to Yerevan residents, he would not be condemned for 10 years and 5 months of imprisonment.

“Ten years is a very long period, it’s not fair, he should be released,” said one of the citizens.

“It’s not fair, he should be released, instead of being imprisoned for 10 years, he is a good man, they condemn such people to leave Armenians,” said another.


One of the residents of Yerevan has a special opinion on the criminal case.

“I think we need to take into consideration the person’s actions; condemning him for 10 years only because of weapons, if we check all the cars here we will find weapons in each; shall we arrest everyone now? I do not think that the weapons found at Zhirayr Sefilyan would work for robbery or attack against people. It must be taken into account.”

However, some of the citizens who have participated in our survey hope that Zhirayr Sefilyan will be released early.

“I hope our political figures will forgive him, forgiving is right. Of course, there is the possibility, there is need for people’s support – personally I will support him first.”