Rustam Makhmudyan: The next question is whether the parents of the victims of March 1 have applied to the relevant bodies and have been rejected (video)

The draft on “Events of March one and two”, suggested by the Yelk faction, was discussed at the National Assembly today.

Head of the Yelk faction Nikol Pashinyan mentioned in his speech that there was neither preliminary investigation nor investigation taking place at the moment. “Let them prove the opposite if they can. I challenge the law enforcement system.” MP of the Yelk faction Edmon Marukyan, addressing him a question, noted that after the NA hearings of the draft Robert Kocharyan made some announcements. “How do you comment on that? As for compensation to the parents of the victims of March 1, it seems as if everyone agrees, but so far only owners of damaged property received compensations, but not the parents of those ten victims or the injured ones.”

Nikol pashinyan said “Mr Kocharyan felt bad for the hearings organized by the opposition. Time has passed, now he is restored, so, he is able to answer the questions of the preliminary investigation body. For that reason he must be called for interrogation.”

Another MP of the Yelk faction Artak Zeynalyan asked “Does the draft have any legal consequences or is it just a political program? Will it influence the case that is studied by the European Court?”

“The NA statements only state the political will. I cannot say what impact this project will have on the cases of the European Court in the future, but this project reflects that the Armenian law enforcement bodies have not made enough effort to reveal the killings of March 1, which should lead to concrete consequences.”

The Co-Rapporteur, the HHK (RPA) MP Rustam Makhmudyan stated in his speech that the voting of the MPs would be conditioned by whether that document was needed or not. “The next question is whether the parents of the victims of March 1 have applied to the relevant bodies and have been rejected. The answer to this question changes the direction.”

The Yelk MP Edmon Marukyan, asking him a question, noted that the Government had made a decision and paid AMD 600 million to the owners of damaged shops and property. “If you present the opposite settings, I will listen to you very carefully. Let us record that there is a clear regulation in the Civil Code,” said Rostam Makhmudyan.


Edmon Marukyan noted that he did not raise a legal issue, but an issue of a political approach. “The Government has decided to compensate to the owners of the damaged shop owners, but there has not been such a will for the compensation of the victims and injured of the March 1 events. As a lawyer, I am aqcuainted with legal institutes very well.”

“Our discussions should be in the legal field,” said Rustam Makhmudyan from the podium.