Taron Margaryan answers Alain Simonyan’s question (video)

During the questionnaire of today’s council session, the member of the Yelk faction Alain Simonyan asked the Mayor if the municipality took into account the reaction of a number of non-governmental organizations and journalists, as a result of which the journalists would continue to work from the same hall. He reminded that after the well-known history of sewerage, the municipality decided to restrict the work of journalists, providing them with a special area of work.

Mr. Margaryan did not agree with the phrase “restrict the work of journalists”. He noted that they were required to ensure transparency prescribed by law and that they would respect the law. “When you were not in the hall, a journalist was sitting in a journalist on Ani Simonyan’s place, and after after receiving a remark she/he got up. Mr Simonyan, tomorrow they may sit on your place, on the place of our other collegues. And you can protest against that,” said the Mayor, praising the area for journalists. Alen Simonyan mentioned that he saw only a journalist and a cleaner in that area working today.