Tigran Hayrapetyan: Jurisprudence has abandoned Zhirayr Sefilyan’s case (video)

The accusation against Shushi’s special battalion commander, Jirayr Sefilyan,  his advocate defined as incomprehensible and contradictory to logic. “It’s a pity that the whole Prosecutor’s Office did not find someone who would appreciate that conclusion and would eliminate the accusation. This can mean two things. Either there are no people in the Prosecutor’s Office who notice absurdity, or there are specialists who do not do any job, but only create illusions to work,” said Tigran Hayrapetyan.

Zhirayr Sefilyan, who has been in custody for nearly two years, is accused of organizing mass riots, preparing an illegal group for organizing mass riots, preparing for the occupation of buildings. “Jurisprudence has abandoned this case since March 2015 and and left forever.”

According to the advocate, the indictment should clearly state when the seizure of buildings was planned and why it was not implemented by Sefilyan. “Let’s suppose that Sefilyan was  to capture the Nubarashen military unit on May 30 and until May 29 to take measures to seize buildings. However, on May 29 he changed his intention and refused to seize the building. In this case, there is no criminal offense in Sefilyan’s actions,” added Hayrapetyan.

In the defense speech the advocate stated that Judge Tatevik Grigoryan, violating the procedural order, did not clarify the grounds for accusation. “It is not envisaged by any norm that a judge can fail to fulfill his/her duties and violate the right of a person to defend himself. The laws of criminals that have recently been welcomed by our society and widely disseminated in the highest instances, up to the NA, do not contain such provisions as to blame a person and not to clarify what he or she should protect herself from,” added Tigran Hayrapetyan.

The defender reminded that the evidence examined in the court substantiated Zhirayr Sefilyan’s innocence, so all the articles suggested were to prove the innocence of the Artsakh war hero.