Gagik Harutyunyan: Before March 1, I gathered people and started discussions

Former President of the Constitutional Court and member of the Supreme Judicial Council Gagik Harutyunyan has had discussions before March 1 events.

“Before March 1, I gathered people and started discussions until four o’clock of the next day, we did not achieve any results, I felt that the situation was such that the cars were ready, people went to certain actions that could have much bigger consequences. The principle of discussion was that one drop of blood could not justify any purpose, and when I saw that we could not manage to overcome the conflict, I was very annoyed. no one had ever heard any curse out of me, but that day they heard it. I said I would be the first victim, if you went that way. ”


In response to a reporter’s question whether he was against the country’s top figures, Gagik Harutyunyan gave a number of responses:

“At different times, for different reasons, the number one figures did not talk to me for months”.