Gagik Isaguryan: We must be prepared to be able to turn military exercises into concrete actions (video)

In terms of military equipment and military potential, Russia is the number one in the world, Garnik Isagulyan, advisor to the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Artsakh in the Republic of Armenia, told journalists today.

“In all of Putin’s interviews, it is shown in what conditions was Russia before Putin, and what is status it has now during the pre-electoral period. Putin’s messages are particularly noticeable by the fact that the Russian Federation is one of the most important poles in the world. ”

Speaking about the election campaign, Garnik Isagulyan said that that time he was technically able to achieve perfection.

“After 1990’s nobody doubted the fact that Russia would break apart, in fact, Putin did not accept a non-existent state, and in the 4th pre-election period, he shows that, at least, Russia is the number one state from the point of view of military.”


Garnik Isagulyan said that Armenia should have had a balanced policy both with the West and the East, but the ratio of forces should be carefully estimated.

Speaking about the Azerbaijani military exercises, Garnik Isagulyan noted that that was not the first case when Azerbaijan violated all agreements, making large-scale military exercises.

“We must be ready at any moment, with any encroachments and be able to give a stronger answer. We must be prepared to be able to turn military exercises into concrete actions. “