Artur Sakunts: Presidents is just a headless horseman (video)

A press conference on the topic “The dictatorship of the Prime Minister or responsible management?” is held at “Media Centre”.

“According to the new Constitution, the National Assembly has no new powers,” said ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan.

“The National Assembly will have no control over the state structures, it is under the authority of the Prime Minister,” said the chairman of the Helsinki Committee of Armenia, Avetik Ishkhanyan.

“Let them show me a parliamentary country where the power structures are subject to the Prime Minister. It’s a monarchy that is passed from the President to the Prime Minister. ”

“This constitution is the base for the new March 1 events,” said Artur Sakunts.

“In such circumstances, the Government makes decisions without taking public opinion into consideration and applyies force against protesters. International treaties will be signed by the initiative of the Prime Minister, the President will be participating in the purely ceremonial process. ”

“It could be seen as the “queen” image of the “President of Armenia”, the President is just a headless horseman,” added Artur Sakunts.

Let us remind that according to the Constitution adopted in 2015, after April 9, Armenia will move to a parliamentary system of government.