I want Henrikh Mkitaryan to play well so that he can make lots of money – pupil of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur school (video)

These children living on the border think that one day their classmate Arman will become the President of the Republic of Armenia. Arman himself is against to this idea; he wants to become a judge.

Yannis, a pupil of the Nerkin Karmiraghbyur school, does not know why he is nominating his classmate’s candidacy. But he did not want to become president as well. The 11-year-old boy chooses another profession – a policeman.

In this class, most of the students see themselves in a doctor’s white coat.

Even younger children are already oriented toward their profession.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s picture is on Artyom’s shirt, even though Henrikh is not his football idol. He wants to be a football player and play like Ronaldo.

Nevertheless, Artyom is aware of how the Armenian player played, what club he has gone. He also has a desire for Henrikh. “I want him to play well so that he can make lots of money.”

His classmate Gagik does not know whether to become a football player or a rapper. Recently, he has been at the focus of journalists, he is not camera-shy. In a couple of minutes he gathers ideas and reads the rap.

Larisa is the only girl in her class that consists of six pupils. She does not sense a lack of attention, but she cannot keep silent about it. “The bad thing is that I have no girlfriend in the classroom.”

80 students are studying at Nerkin Karmiraghbyur’s school, having increased by 6 pupils as compared with the previous year. This does not seem much as compare with 30 years ago, but the school principal Nara Papyan is happy for it, especially since the number of first-graders will increase next year.

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