Film about Aram Khachatryan to be shot (video)

“Mars Media,” especially Ruben Dishdishian, have taken steps to shoot a film about Aram Khachatryan.

The film’s application as a joint Armenian-Russian action will be presented to the Eurimages discussion.

Two years ago, Armenia became the 38th member of the Eurimages and this year the largest European joint venture will hold its 150th meeting in Armenia on March 13-15. Susanna Harutyunyan, a representative of Armenia at the Eurimages, attaches importance to the fact that this is a good opportunity to recognize our country.

The budget of the Eurimages is 25 million euros, up to 500 thousand euros per film project. The compulsory conditions for applying for the Eurimages are joint film production and some investments. Four times a year in any country, the Board of Governors of Eurimages assembles, debates, examines projects and makes decisions. Competition is very high. 54 films are presented only at the Armenian summit.

The Eurimages also has a program of technical re-equipment of cinemas and the management of Moscow Cinema is going to submit its application.