Drilling works of deep pits launched in Artsakh – Minister of Agriculture

Artsakh Minister of Agriculture, Zhirayr Mirzoyan, said: “Drilling works of 4 pits have already been launched by the “Hayastan” All-Armenian project on the drilling of deep pits.” He added that overall it’s planned to drill 37 deep pits. This is reported by Artakhpress.

It’s planned to make the irrigation of a territory of 900 hectares. According to preliminary data, 850 families will make use of it.

“We have chosen areas with water shortages. Theoretically, it is possible to irrigate 16,000 hectares of land of agricultural importance with our surface waters. However, a territory of 16,000 ha is highly relative. It is conditioned by the amount of precipitation in the republic during the given year and the amount of water in rivers and reservoirs. Consequently, surface waters are a bit risky for territories that are far from reservoirs. Resources are more stable and more predictable for projects with deep pits,’’ the Minister said.

He informed that the 37 deep pits are mainly planned to be drilled in the region of Martuni, where there are nearly no surface waters or are very rare, as well as in the regions of Askeran and Hadrut.

“By having deep pits, we anticipate increasing the productivity by about 2 times. Once the mentioned territories have sufficient water, we will continue to enlarge irrigable lands,” emphasized Zhirayr Mirzoyan.