Manuk that was not afraid (video)

Manuk Saghatelyan has physical movement problems; he speaks with difficulty due to a childhood stroke.

“In 2013, I came to Small Theater; I achieved a lot at Small Theater.

I did not dance at all before. I practice with Vahan Badalyan. He is my first teacher; he teaches me theater and dance skills, alike.

True, it is difficult at first, but then I gradually learned those movements. The somersault was the very first movement, and I do it very well.

The important thing is that the audience understands me, understands my movements. When I do something on stage, the audience applauds, and that is a huge thing for me.

In 2014, I attended Orran Benevolent Non-Governmental Organization. I learned a lot; wood carving. Seven years ago, I started playing chess again at Orran, and I even have second degree. We almost always play chess with guys; I win, but not always.

There is no need to despair for everything because if you despair, you cannot accomplish anything in life; you must always look ahead, and you must always be strong.”