David: I wish to have at least one friend in every country (video)

Video blogger David, the son of the Polish mother and the Armenian father.

“I decided to create my own video blog six months ago. Since I have many foreign friends and I always invite them to Yerevan, the majority of them does not have any opinion or idea about what Yerevan and Armenia look like. So, I decided to shoot some parts of Yerevan in order to show the buildings, colours, colorite that we have here.

“My mother’s whole family lives in Poland. Going back, I can say that my father left for Poland and met with my mother there. Afterwards, of course, they got married; and I was born, then my sister who is fifteen years’ old. We have lived there for some years but, since the Armenian land and blood were calling, we moved to Armenia. I am living in Armenia for more than ten years.

“We have both Armenian and Polish traditions at home. For example, we celebrate Christmas simultaneously on December 24, as my mother is the representative of the Catholic Church, and on January 6, as the followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

“It is the fourth year of me studing at a medical college. This is the last year; I graduate this year. I wanted to become a physician. But I changed my decision in the last two years. I decided to continue my studies in a more financially oriented way. That’s why I have applied to those universities this year, which have the corresponding branches.

“In summer of 2005, I decided to create the “Detk” band. “Detk” means observers. It is a band consisting of three guys who are still serving in the army. As the leader of the band I participate in the management of the group’s administrative issues, organizing concerts. The age of twenty is the stormiest and the most energetic period for all young people when we should try everything. I wish to visit all countries in the world and to have at least one friend in each state.”