DJ Jerry Roper in Armenia (video)

Belgian DJ Jerry Roper, whose grandmother is Armenian, is in Yerevan ahead of the International Dance Day. He is in Armenia for the first time and confessed that he did not yet know any word in Armenian. Jerry Roper also introduced preconditions for becoming a professional DJ.

“One can speak on this topic for a long time. I will say that to be a good DJ you have to have a passion, to love the job you are doing, and to give a full night life. A DJ must remember that he is paid to make people happy. If women are dancing, men are drinking and the club earns money, so you’re a good DJ. ”

Members of the Armenian DJs, DJ Guevo and DJ Arni Rock were present at the meeting with the journalists. They spoke about the aspects which made Armenian DJs be different from other DJs around the world and what was the level of club music in Armenia?