Gor Hovhannisyan informs

The Facebook active community continues to alert the various cases. Director of the Armenian Extreme club Gor Hovhannisyan warns:

“This is our first affirmation. We checked the whole Shamakhyan section. All revealed violations and necessary information are fixed and will reach relevant bodies “. It should be noted that recently Nature Protection House has been established on the initiative of Gor Hovhannisyan and a number of other activists, aiming at conducting an independent monitoring of forests in the Tavush Region.

“Today we drove about 35 km. We went to Bldan’s Canyon, we went to the left to Matosavank and higher. Then we went to the Jukhtak and headed toward Papakh Kar and Margahovit, then down to Shamakhyan and returned home. We went through nearly one-fourth of the entire national park,” he wrote.