David Pipoyan: In our diet, the average consumption is about one kilogram of fruit and vegetable (video)

Studies show that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in our country is far superior to those in other countries, David Pipoyan, head of the food chain risk assessment center of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, doctor of nutrition, said today at a news conference.

“In our diet, the average consumption is about one kilogram of fruit and vegetable. They contain various pesticides, so, the risk is higher in our country than those in other country.”

According to Davit Pipoyan, the issues of food safety management are still at a low level in a neutral country.

“On the one hand, we deal with the health of the population, and on the other hand we deal with poor farmers. We understand that farms are small and, naturally, the implementation of the security management system at all stages of the expertise will lead to inflation. Therefore, if we demand the villagers to carry out these works; we will meet them all.”

David Pipoyan said that there was no European country where small-scale households did not carry out any expertise to sell products.

“But the summer season in Yerevan is just beginning the season when honeymelons and watermelons are sold cars. Everyone understands that the products sold in yards and streets are not subject to state control, and no one can guarantee which pesticides they contain. If we talk about the application of sanctions, the villagers will complain, they will say, you still want to blame the poor villagers “.

David Pipoyan added that we should reach the level to understand that safe food production and supply contributed to simultaneous development of agrarian policy.