Yezidi girl will not marry, if she does not want to – resident of Apna (video)

Zuzan, who lives in Apna village, every day travels one kilometer to take public transport and go to class.

“Our village is about 40 km from Yerevan.

I study at the Faculty of Journalism at Yerevan State University, and I am the only Yezidi student at this faculty.

I did not choose my profession by accident; I loved this profession, my mother stood with me, but my father offered alternatives, such as becoming a doctor, or a teacher. However, when I said why I wanted to go to this faculty, my father agreed, and no any other problem came about.

There are very few girls in our community who have chosen this profession because we have to communicate with many people, we are in constant motion, and even if [people] specialize in this direction, they do not continue to do this after marriage.

According to the so called traditions of the Yezidi community, a Yezidi girl should not get an education, she should get married early. But there are other girls who choose a profession afterwards, are able to break stereotypes and get an education.

We are the educators of the generation, and the more educated we are, the more educated the generation will be, and that educated generation is the basis, the future of our community.

I also create [works], now I am working on my first collection of poems. The topics of my poems are different – homeland, love, humanity; but I have not decided the title yet.”