From 200 kg to 1 tone of products, Women in Business (video)

Three years ago, Lechadzor community’s chemistry and biology teacher decided to combine her favorite job with business. Lusine Bejanyan’s cooperative has 12 employees.

“We are trying to get ecologically clean tomatoes. Everyone knows that Lachkadzor’s tomatoes are good,” says Lusine Bejanyan.

Lusine also wants to grow olives. It will be possible only after solving the water issue in the community.

19 years ago, there were only 7 cows in the farm founded by Karine Ghukasyan in the Pambak community of Lori Region, now the number of livestock has reached 35.

The range of products has grown over the years: Narine lactic acid, yogurt, cheese and butter.
Karine Ghukasyan, however, is concerned with the changes in tax legislation.

A resident of Meghri Lusine Poghosyan considers waking up with the sunrise a pleasure. She grows arsenic, figs and pomegranates in the 8 thousand square meters vineyard, and then prepares dried fruits with those fresh fruits.

“I have prepared 200 kg of dried fruits from the very beginning, now we produce 1 ton. There is a demand for 10 tons from Moscow.”