Basketball players to celebrate 2800th anniversary of Yerevan’s foundation

An international basketball tournament will be held in Yerevan on March 12-14, dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan’s foundation.

As the Basketball Federation of Armenia informs that all the matches will take place at “Mika” sports complex, although it was planned to hold three meetings in Olympiad.

The updated schedule of the tournament is the following:

March 12

At 18:00, “Hundai” Tbilisi – “Ararat” Tehran:

At 20:00, “Urartu” Yerevan – “Gazprom Moskovsky” Moscow


March 13

At 18:00, “Gazprom Moskovsky” Moscow – “Hundai” Tbilisi

At 20:00, “Urartu” Yerevan – “Ararat” Teheran


March 14

At 18:00, “Gazprom Moskovski” Moscow – “Ararat” Tehran:

At 20:00, “Urartu” Yerevan – “Hundai” Tbilisi