“Gandzasar-Kapan” left without its pitch

In the schedule of the Armenian Cup, a change has taken place. This is reported by the department for the organization and holding of the Football Federation of Armenia.

The match “Gandzasar-Kapan” vs. “Shirak” of the semifinal stage, scheduled for March 7, will be held at the “City” stadium in Gyumri. This means that the “Kapan” club is left without its pitch and does not know where to hold home meetings.

At the beginning of the season, “Gandzasar-Kapan” held its matches at the “Republican” stadium, which is now closed, because of the preparatory work that is underway. It is not surprising that this year the “Kapan” club holds its home meetings just on the opponent’s pitch.

Thus, the Gyumri “Shirak” got a tangible advantage on the penultimate stage of the Armenian Cup, as both matches will be held on its pitch.