“Arsenal” not to be able to buy new starts

London’s “Arsenal” faces serious financial challenges after failing to qualify for the Champions League last season.

According to English media, the London club has lost about 60 percent of its revenue compared to previous season. If “Arsenal” fails to enter the Champions League this season, the club will not have enough money to buy new stars during the summer transfer window.

The team’s new scout Sven Mlintat has already been tasked to find at least three players for the most vulnerable positions. It’s a matter of the goalkeeper, as the current goalkeeper Peter Chekh has recently failed to fulfill his duties. Secondly, “Arsenal” needs one central defender and defensive midfielder.

Sven Mlintat has not yet decided on goalkeeper, but there are already two candidates for the other two positions. One of them is the central defender of West Bromwich, Johnny Evans, and the second is Besiktas midfielder Ozzyup.

“Arsenal” has two options for winning the Champions League trophy – winning the current League Cup or a place in the first quarter of the English Premier League. If none of them fails, the club will have to be satisfied in the coming summer without any precious achievements.