Niksha Bavcevich gives up team’s only star

Before the basketball game with Albania, head coach of our team Niksha Bavcevich told at a press conference that the meeting with Albania is very important for them, as they were defeated in the previous match with Denmark. “However, we face serious problems in this important meeting. First of all, our basketball players who perform in the US are absent. Besides, together with the leadership of the federation, they decided to give up the team’s lead player Ryan Boatright for his behavior and attitude. ”

The team’s newcomer Arkadi Abramyan was present at the press conference with a specialist. Niksha Bavcevich said that he could replace Ryan Boatright, but at the same time added: “He does not have experience of international games, besides, he does not play in any team at this time. However, he has high-quality skills and is dedicated to trainings. I am convinced that Arkadi is a good future for the Armenian national team,” the team coach said optimistically.

Niksha Bavcevich also informed that the number of Armenian Basketball League members will increase from the next season, up to 18 teams. Hrachya Rostomyan, chairman of the Armenian Basketball Federation, told him about this.

Let us remind you that the Armenia-Albania qualifying match of the European Championship will take place on February 25 at the SRC Sports Complex in Yerevan and will begin at 19:00. Entrance is free.