Armen Sarkissian is not candidate only of Serzh Sargsyan – Aghvan Vardanyan (video)

Aghvan Vardanyan, secretary of the Dashnaktsutyun faction, states that RPA presidential candidate Armen Sarkissian’s vision of Armenia’s future is the same as his.

Touching upon the discussions on the idea that isntead of MPs, people should elect Armen Sarkissian, Aghvan Vardanyan answers:

“I’m not a narrow professional lawyer. One lawyer expressed such an opinion and a dozen of not less reputable experts have expressed an opposite view and are convincing, re-entering into these issues is a senseless occupation.”

According to him, Armen Sarkissian is a candidate of two factions, not only of Serzh Sargsyan. Aghvan Vardanyan also thinks Armen Sarkissian has sufficient powers.

“According to our new Constitution, he is the head of Republic of Armenia. The President of the Republic of Armenia can apply to the supreme legislative body of the National Assembly. His functions are not just formal, but stem from the spirit of the Constitution,” said Aghvan Vardanyan.