More than 90 scientists from 27 groups receive grants (video)

When the funds provided from the state budget for science and education decrease, young scientists hope for grants.

Physicist Janik Sevoyan, a student at the Armenian National Polytechnic University, has developed a program with four of his friends to get solar power five percent more efficiently through special panels. With the grant provided by the Armenian National Science & Education Fund (ANSEF), he will be able to accomplish this.

It is the second time that the lecturer of Yerevan State University (YSU), linguist Marat Yavrumyan has become able to continue his studies at the intersection of linguistics and informatics through the grant.

Young scientists are doing their research with the group.

Today, 90 scientists from 27 groups have received grants. ANSEF has provided grants to 461 scientific groups over 18 years.