New landfill in Nubarashen instead of wood (video)

In July 2015, a loan agreement was signed between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Yerevan Municipality, through which the bank provides 8 million euro credit ( to the private company under the subordination of the  Municipality) for building a new landfill beside Nubarashen.

European Investment Bank also provides an additional 8 million euro credit and another 8 million euro is provided by EU Neighborhood Investment Instrument too in the form of a grant. Its purpose is non-regulated landfill of Nubarashen from technical and environmental impermissible standards turn to new sanitary landfill which will correspond to EU standards. But the most important from EU standards is that in new landfill waste sorting and processing are not intended. It is mentioned in the description of the program.

Furthermore during studying an environmental and social impact assessment of the program it becomes clear that the new landfill will be built on the grounds of wood, where still in 2006-2008 by financing of “rehabilitation and development Fund of woods” have accomplished works of pumping station, reconstruction of irrigation network, fencing and foundation of forest felling.

Trees have been planted, which were desiccated  (only 15 percent succeed). But now the place must be clean up and serve as a landfill.

At the same time the landfill will be built in the area of 29 hectare for exploitation of  28 years. It means that after 28 years it will probably be needed additional 30 hectare and seeking additional loans for building new landfill, if waste sorting and processing will not be accomplished anyway.

What about the European buildings instead of financing more green and stable program, they invest money in the state with such ineffective government. Lawyer- environmentalist Sofia Manukyan tells about the details of the program.