Electric Flow named after Ara Vahnuni

The president of Union of Cinemotagraphers Harutyun Khachatryan announced the following during “Return to Cinema House” evening-meetings. “Armanian cinema is forgotten and treated very badly. Unfortunately, when the great masters are gone, we forget about them. Maybe they don’t have the right. They have been hidden so long, that there is an idea that we don’t have cinema.” The meeting began with the screening of  Ara Vahuni’s “Musaler, Dragon Year” documentary film.

In the film, which was shot 30 years ago, the film director delivers newly the message of Musa Dagh battle. “This is Vahuni’s the most emotional film. We were reborn during this period of struggle, fight, dependence. The director put much energy in ordinary traditions. He brought new concepts of thinking, worries and under thoughts between the lines,” marked Harutyun Khachatryan.

Film crtic Anita Erznkyan, in her turn, added that Ara Vahuni’s each film has its own style. “You shouldn’t confuse his films with other director’s films. He  has a special approach to the film language and portrait. He brought a new genre which is called filmessey,” said the film critic. According to her, his films mostly end with dots in order to let the reader think.

He has shot more than 40 documentary films: “Elegia” dedicated to Ervand Kochar, “Kanch” about a blind zurnachi, “Tohmatsar”, “Huys, havat, ser”, “Kochari.”

His friends and relatives describe him as a person with piercing humour who brings the life to the city, and a person who turns  the city into the capital.

“It was easy to become friends with Vahuni, only it was hard to tolerate him.”

Filmmaker’s son Vahe Vahuni, who was also present at the screening, added that his father compared himself with an electric flow. “He was able to transfer the speech accurately to the listener.”

He remembers that father took him to all film shootings. “Mostly I did the workman’s hard work,” Vahe Amatuni is joking and also noting that at the same time these memories are very precious for him now.

After the screening of the film “Musa Ler,” Compatriotic Union awarded Ara Vahuni with a posthumous certificate and a commemorative medal on his 80th birthday. Ara Vahnuni died in 2006.