Where to find a good childhood writer – Edward Militonyan (video)

Edward Militonyan, President of the Union of Writers belives that in recent years, interest in the book has grown. “From 90’s to two thousands, the concept of the book, was pushed to the secondary plan. Today, the picture is different.”

According to him, printing a children’s book is an expensive pleasure all over the world. But we do not have a lack of children’s book. Another question is where to find a good childhood writer.

The Yerevan Book Fair, which has already been traditionally held for the 14th time, brought the publishers, children, and even the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Petr Mikyska, to Khnko Aper Children’s Library. “The book is an open window to the great world. It is the best way to learn about the cultures of different countries,’ the diplomat said in his speech to the children.

The publishers are sure that the print versions of the book will never be replaced by the electronic versions, and even if “nuclear” versions become available tomorrow. The problem is, how much money parents are willing to pay for a book?

Today is the birthday of the  Hovhannes Tumanyan, and it is also celebrated as a day of dedication of books.