At least 21.9 percent inflation registered in Armenia (video)

Nikol Pashinyan said at today’s NA special session: “There has been a chain reaction in Armenia, a huge price increase in consumer goods has taken place. The government releases 2.6%, which is a ridiculous number.”

Nikol Pashinyan noted that they made conditional purchases, taking into consideration the prices of 40 types of goods with the highest consumption and came to such a conviction. It should be reminded that since January 1,the prices of petrol, compressed gas, etc., have increased, which is conditioned by the new rates of excise tax.

The head of the Yelk (Way out) faction also tied this with the return of election bribes and after each election a price increase was observed.

Nikol Pashinyan also noted that the price of sugar in the international market fell by 39.4% and in Armenia – 6.2%.

The bill proposes to return to the rates set in the Tax Code before January.