How Pope and Kim Kardashian were giving Armenian costumes (video)

When Kim Kardashian visited Armenia, she and sisters got dresses with motives of Kars’s costumes as apresent, since Kim’s roots were from Kars. This idea was occurred by Teryan Cultural Center staff when studying Armenian costumes.

The interest towards Armenian costumes is rising. Modern clothing, with Armenian custumes’ ornaments, offers a wide range of choices. People can wear them everyday and even during evening activities.

The colors that are used in Armenian costumes is varied. Designer Lilit Melikyan notes that there is no emerald color in these costumes, and she believe that the reason is probably that the emerald is the preferred color of Muslims. Wedding dresses made of Armenian ornament are also interesting. The designer tells us that when the Pope visited Armenia, he was given clothes that were decorated with wheat groats as present. It was imitated by the costumes of the bride in Yerevan. “We put the following idea in it: if the bride was decorated with wheat grains, wanting to be fruitful, we wanted the Pope’s visit to be fruitful in Armenia,” she says.