What celebration of love, if there is violence (video)

Although February 14 is considered a day of Love and Lovers all over the world, today a group of young people organized a flash mob devoted to violence against women.

“This event is in all over the world and not only in Armenia. The event is for us to say that there is no need violence against women, girls, and they keep silent and do not speak, since they have equal rights,” says organizer Avnik Melikyan.

Representatives of “Society without Violence” try to attract people’s attention through dance and music; people approaching the table where leaflets and brochures were, with the content of violence against women.

According to statistics, every third woman in the world is exposed to violence. “What a celebration of love, if there is violence,” flashmob organizers say.

Taking into account the events of yesterday’s Yerevan Council of Elders, when the Republican representatives violated the members of Yerkir Tsirani party, today’s flashmob is more than adequate.