Students majoring in theater does not heard about Suren Kocharyan (video)

The presentation of the book Suren Kocharyan’s Literary Stage written by Henrik Hovhannisyan was held at the Center for Folk Arts named after Sharambeyan

“The book was published two years ago. I do not accept the concept of the presentation, or  accept it with difficulty, and I have never made a presentation of any book myself,” Henrik Hovhannisyan says. “The book itself should pave its way. If the book is not sought, is not purchased, no presentation will help it,” he said.

“This is my 14th book,” says the author, “I must say that this monograph is not one of my best works, but the idea of ​​writing a book about Suren Kocharyan I had since my student years.”

Henrik Hovhannisyan personally met with the master of the stage speech in Moscow in 1958.

Henrik Hovhannisyan stated with sadness the fact that the name of this great master, which at the time was gathering thousands of audiences in large and small halls, is unknown to most students who are majoring in theater.